🔷The 63rd Nagoya Festival第63回名古屋祭り

◆The 63rd Nagoya Festival


Photo courtesy of City of Nagoya

Nagoya’s largest festival at this time of year! The festival’s main attractions are:

☆ Parade with the procession of around 600 people including local feudal lords: 

  • Oda Nobunaga
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu.

☆ Dashi festival floats (Designated Cultural Assets of the City of Nagoya), Kagura (神楽) floats (City Cultural Assets) and flamboyant flower cars will also be making appearances. 

☆In addition to the parades, events will also be taking place along:

  • Hisaya Ōdōri Park (Mochinoki Hiroba [もちのき広場]
  • Hisaya Hiroba [久屋広場]
  • Angel Hiroba [エンゼル広場])
  • Oasis 21 in Sakae
  • Yaba-chō
  • Nagoya Castle

When: October 21 (Sat) and October 22 (Sun)

Parade program:

Oct. 21 (Sat)  1:40pm

  • Flower cars
  • “Battle of Sekigahara” warrior / period dress procession 

departs Nagoya Station → Sasashima → Fushimi → Sakae → ends at Yaba-chō

 Oct. 22 (Sun) 11am

  • Dashi and children’s mikoshi (portable shrine) parade (to Sakae)
  • Sister Cities Goodwill Parade
  • Flower cars, Nana-chan and entourage
  • “Battle of Sekigahara” warrior / period dress procession  

depart Nagoya City Hall → Sakura-dori Ōtsu → Sakae → Yaba-chō


  • Nagoya City Hall – Shiyakusho Stn. (市役所駅)
  • Subway Meijo Line (地下鉄名城線); Sakae – Sakae Stn. (栄駅), Subway Meijo and Higashiyama (東山線) Line; Yaba-chō – Yaba-cho Stn. (矢場町駅), Subway Meijo Line.

Admission will be free to the following City of Nagoya Facilities on October 22 (Sun)

  • Nagoya Castle (Nagoya Castle only also Sat. 21 Oct.)
  • Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  • Higashiyama Sky Tower
  • Shirotori Garden
  • Tokugawaen
  • Togokusan Fruits Park,
  • Futabakan
  • Cultural Path Shumokukan
  • Yokiso Villa
  • Nagoya City Museum (permanent exhibit only)
  • Nagoya City Art Museum (permanent exhibit only)

Visit Website: http://www.nagoya-festival.jp/

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